[Samba] Setting/Showing minimum password length > 14

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Tue Jan 24 19:44:32 UTC 2023

Our Homeland Security CISA advisor has advised setting our Windows domain passwords to a 16
character minumum as, according to her, pw lengths 14 or less are easily cracked but 16+ are
extremely difficult. 

I was able to set the Windows Group Policy minimum password length to 16 characters, but when I
do 'samba-tool domain passwordsettings show' it still shows Minimum password length: 8.

The min=16 seems to work when Windows users change their passwords, but why is this not
reflected in samba-tool? My Samba version is 4.8.2. Is that too old for this attribute?

BTW - if anyone else wants to set Windows PW lengths greater than 14, here's the link on how to:

Thanks --Mark

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