[Samba] How to login with local account while Samba in AD?

Leszek Szczepanowski twinsen at mspanc.net
Wed Jan 11 12:01:39 UTC 2023

I helped myself in a way, that I'm can mount share by
1) using specific server IP out of the cluster
2) as a domain I put that server hostname
3) created local linux user on that machine only

And it allowed me to mount a share :)

mount -v -t cifs -o rw,username=nasuser,domain=FS,password=<password for
nasuser>  //<real machine ip>/symptoms /mnt/

FS is also used as a name for the Samba itself.

śr., 11 sty 2023 o 13:57 Rowland Penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>

> On 11/01/2023 11:28, Leszek Szczepanowski via samba wrote:
> > Dears,
> >
> > Forgive me maybe stupid question, but can I login to Samba share, with
> > local credentials, while it has joined AD domain? For now it seems it
> > always tries to authenticate every user in AD. We have issues with AD
> > itself, and until this is resolved I wanted to allow users use just one
> > common user/pass pair to access the share.
> >
> That is how Samba is supposed to work, it maps AD users to make them
> local users, this depends on the idmap backend and is one of the reasons
> not use a DC as a fileserver.
> You might be able to use the nss backend, but this will undoubtedly mean
> your users and groups getting different ID's.
> It might be easier to fix your AD, so what are your AD issues ?
> Rowland
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