[Samba] Cannnot create chroot on a cifs-mounted linux homedir -- missing dev/exec

webman at manfbraun.de webman at manfbraun.de
Tue Jan 10 17:49:16 UTC 2023

Sorry for answering the wrong thread - my main workstation
is broken an I have to use a webmailer for the moment.
Thanks for the correction to my smb.conf!
BTW, I use samba since 2012 on a file- and a backupserver.
You may be right, samba is only the one side, but
what would it be without mount?
So I am not sure, who is really working on "mount.cifs",
or where to ask otherwise ??
I am not saying, I boot a kernel via smb, it was a mention
of the kernel developers website - but it leads me
to a working linux-homedir for a user using NT1 protocol,
what was not possible with higher protocols - I am not
a linux insider and cannot see the reasons.
But this progress gives me the exception I am talking about
the whole time: Not to be able to create a chroot there.
So, debootstrap will probably do something like this
on the client, create a file, a device-file:
$ mknod -m 666 /home/ncu9/work/testdev c 246 0
mknod: /home/ncu9/work/testdev: Permission denied!
Doing it on the server succeeds:
mknod -m 666 /pools/users/homes/kvmabc--ncu2/work/testdev c 246 0
My "testdev" then appears on the client as a character device!
This is the whole problem - do not know, if this is caused by mount.cifs
or the samber server on the host, where probably
an additional vfs object might be neccessary!

NB: Also on hostside everything looks right, the was the question
about the filesystem. It's zfs, mounted with DEV,EXEC,SUID, the
reason it works there.

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On 10/01/2023 15:23, Manfred Braun via samba wrote:
> Hi,
> naturally, not.  The required debootstrap setup will
> be done as root, user will use ist via 'schroot' then.
> But debootstrap will add a device-file, which is not
> possible if mount properties EXEC DEV are missing.

I am not sure you understand Samba.

Samba is an implementation of the Windows SMB protocol, which allows you 
to share files between computers.

You can create a share on a Unix machine, then other Samba and Windows 
machines can connect to the share and create/read/write/delete files and 
directories (provided they are known to Samba and have the required 
permissions). That is it, if you need to mount the share on another 
machine, then Samba takes no part in this, other than making the share 

If your share is getting mounted without 'dev' or 'exec', this has 
nothing to do with Samba and all to do with whatever program is mounting 
the share, 'mount' or its variant 'mount.cifs' or something else.


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