[Samba] Cannnot create chroot on a cifs-mounted linux homedir -- missing dev/exec

webman at manfbraun.de webman at manfbraun.de
Tue Jan 10 21:33:32 UTC 2023

Thank you very much!
Was just on the hop to post three references to my statements.
My last info was from 2018 (abot), thought, was done alreay.
So I continue with my infrastructure (some linux homedirs on
cifs/smb), as a workaround I can create chroots on the server
for a while (at least creation works and the linux client sees them).

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 On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 10:58:40AM +0000, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>On 10/01/2023 09:34, webman at manfbraun.de wrote:
>>Let me clarify some things.
>>That I came onto the idea to revert to "vers=1.0" stems from the
>>kernel developers, which show that for booting a kernel from
>Why are you booting a kernel from Samba, it is a file sharing program.
>>Tools like GTK, which claims some permission issues,
>>never tell, which these could be and  using "vers=1.0" resolved
>>that problem - it's samba.
>No, its Gnome, they still haven't (seemingly) woken up to just how 
>insecure SMBv1 is.
>If you want to boot using a kernel stored on a Samba share, then I 
>suggest that you talk to Gnome and get them to fix their problem, 
>preferably using SMBv2 or later.

It's not actually GNOME's fault (I have to say that as I'm
on the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors :-).

This is actually needed to access character and block devices
as it requires the UNIX extensions which currently only work
over SMBv1.

This is being worked on for SMB2+ but requires reparse
point support to store the data needed to represent the
block and character devices.

It's going to get fixed, but not immediately (more
funding for development would obviously help).


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