[Samba] Replication between Samba DCs (on different sites)?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Feb 7 22:47:31 UTC 2023

07.02.2023 21:44, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:

> If DC and dc3 are working correctly, I would demote DC2 (forcibly if necessary) then seize the FSMO roles to one of the good DC's. Once you are sure 
> that your domain is working correctly, find anything to do with the dead DC in AD and remove it. Now add a new DC (I would use a new name and IP), 
> hopefully everything should be okay after all that.

Rowland, this happened at least 3 times already, all after upgrade.
I really regret that I followed your suggestion and did that force-thing,
but at that time I didn't know it will be a common problem.  At least I
were able to try to figure out what's going on. Yes I need help from
someone who understands this part of samba and/or protocols involved,
but I sure am able to perform quite some debugging without requiring
to be babysitted with every step. Now once I "fixed" my situation with
force, I don't have that issue anymore and can't find out what was
actually wrong.

The problem here is common and it will be much more common once people
start upgrading. Maybe there's a bug in debian packaging, maybe it is
a prob with samba code, maybe something  else, I dunno.

Lorenzo seems to be able to do some basic debugging too.. maybe we
can use this opportunity and try to understand what is going on,
instead of using the force?



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