[Samba] Replication between Samba DCs (on different sites)?

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Feb 7 22:05:56 UTC 2023

On 07/02/2023 21:55, Lorenzo Milesi via samba wrote:
>> If DC and dc3 are working correctly, I would demote DC2 (forcibly if
>> necessary) then seize the FSMO roles to one of the good DC's. Once you
>> are sure that your domain is working correctly, find anything to do with
>> the dead DC in AD and remove it. Now add a new DC (I would use a new
>> name and IP), hopefully everything should be okay after all that.
> Thanks.
> Apparently, DC1&3 looks fine, showrepl is ALL GOOD.
> I'm afraid to ask, but is there any option to retain IP/hostname?

Never be afraid to ask ;-)

You probably could retain them, but what if you miss something and that 
causes a similar problem again, you could end up going around in 
circles: join new DC --> have problems --> demote DC, rinse and repeat 
for ever :-D

It is better to start with a fresh slate, that way you shouldn't have 


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