[Samba] AD domain rename

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Tue Aug 29 20:23:21 UTC 2023

Hi everybody.

I have an AD domain which is set up incorrectly (it was migrated from an NT 4 domain which was running samba 3.2 with an openldap backend). Even though this setup hasn't brought any problems yet I would very much like to fix this to prevent any future problems. The AD domain is setup as follows (data has been obscured for privacy reasons)
DNS domain: example.com
Site: Default-First-Site-Name
AD DC hostname: dc1
DC IP Address:

I would very much like to be able to rename the domain (DNS domain, Realm, and Site), as per the documentation, without having to rejoin every single computer to a new DC and create every single user and group and having to touch all the permissions of the files on the fileservers and configuring every single user profile again. The intended result would be to have a domain set up as follows
DNS domain: samdom.example.com
NETBIOS domain: EXAMPLE (unchanged)
Network: I'm willing to move to another network if necessary
Site: Samdom (but I can live without changing this)
AD DC hostname: I'm willing to put another DC in place of the offending one
DC IP Address: I'm willing to move to another network if necessary

Is there a strategy that I'm not finding in any documentation? I've been considering using the samba-tool domain backup rename command but all the documentation says that it is not intended for production use so, are there any other tools to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

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