[Samba] DFS questions...

Joachim Lindenberg samba at lindenberg.one
Mon Aug 21 20:18:22 UTC 2023

Hello Rowland,
If someone wants full_audit, will adding 'vfs objects = full_audit' on a DC also have dfs_samba4 and acl_xattr enabled just because running on a DC, or would this cause both defaults to be turned off?

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On Mon, 21 Aug 2023 19:02:46 +0200
Kees van Vloten via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> On 21-08-2023 18:17, Joachim Lindenberg wrote:
> > Hi Kees,
> > Thanks once more. To be precise:
> > - you are running this on DCs?
> Yes
> > - no links required as on the wiki page?
> No, there are 2 ways of configuring it, the wiki has the symlink 
> method, below is the other method.
> I don't like broken symlinks on my machines, therefore this is what I 
> prefer.
> > - "vfs objects = dfs_samba4, acl_xattr, full_audit" - I don´t have 
> > that in my smb.conf. What part(s) of this are default, required, or 
> > special?
> Sorry, I copied it from my smb.conf, a little to quick. For DFS, you 
> just add "dfs_samb4" to "vfs_objects".

Sorry to but in here, but 'vfs objects = dfs_samba4 acl_xattr' is the default for a Samba AD DC


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