[Samba] Updating samba with bookworm-backports

Luis Peromarta lperoma at icloud.com
Thu Aug 17 09:36:02 UTC 2023

According to :


There seems to be backpports for all archs.

Architecture 	Version 	Package Size 	Installed Size 	Files
amd64 	2:4.18.4+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	929.3 kB	3,972.0 kB 	[list of files]
armel 	2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	835.3 kB	3,550.0 kB 	[list of files]
armhf 	2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	854.2 kB	3,102.0 kB 	[list of files]
s390x 	2:4.18.5+dfsg-2~bpo12+1 	854.2 kB	3,931.0 kB 	[list of files]

However I wonder if 2:4.18.4 for amd64 is patched for the latest Microsoft updates (specifically 07/23 and the ComputerSecureChannel problem - or else should I wait for 4.18.5

I tried looking for info but can’t find anything conclusive. Thanks.

On 16 Aug 2023 at 17:55 +0200, spindles seven <spindles7 at gmail.com>, wrote:
> Also I note only amd64 architecture is available in bookworm-backports. Is there any plan to add other architectures - specifically arm64 etc?

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