[Samba] Difficulties with "net time"

Robert Latest boblatest at posteo.org
Wed Aug 16 12:41:43 UTC 2023


I need to monitor the system times on a bunch of Windows hosts from a 
Linux machine. For that I use "net -I 192.168.xxx.yyy time." For one of 
the 20 or so hosts, this command has begun to return the error: 
"Protocol negotiation failed: ERRDOS:ERRnomem." It used to work, maybe 
somebody did something on that machine, it stopped working. The Linux 
system is a RHEL7 host running Samba 4.10.16.

Now I'm in the process of migrating to an RHEL8 server running Samba 
4.16.4. The host that's been giving me trouble on the RHEL7 box responds 
fine on this machine; however, half a dozen of the other hosts time out 
with the message: "Protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT"

The debug flag doesn't do anything for me, either. On both Linux boxes I 
ran "net time" on a working and a non-working remote, and the diff comes 
up empty except for the IP addresses and the error message (see below).

Any hints? Or alternative methods for querying the system times wihtout 
having to make changes to the Windows boxes?

Of course I'm also fighting a fight to have the Windows machines 
synchronize their clocks to an accurate time server. Currently I seem to 
be losing both battles.


~$  net -d 9 -I time > t88 2>&1
~$  net -d 9 -I time > t42 2>&1
~$ diff t88 t42
< Connecting to at port 445
> Connecting to at port 445
< Protocol negotiation failed: ERRDOS:ERRnomem
< return code = -1
> return code = 0
> Wed Aug 16 15:25:50 2023

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