[Samba] Samba-AD in Docker

John Mulligan phlogistonjohn at asynchrono.us
Mon Aug 7 18:30:55 UTC 2023

On Monday, August 7, 2023 6:05:03 AM EDT Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:
> https://github.com/samba-in-kubernetes

Andrew, thanks a bunch for pointing people to our org! I really appreciate it.
More below...

> On Mon, 2023-08-07 at 11:08 +0200, Joachim Lindenberg via samba wrote:
> > Hello Anantha, Michael,
> > IIRC this is somewhat optimistic or a secret sausage. For sure I´d
> > also be interested in running a Samba AD DC in docker (or kubernetes)
> > but never got so far. When I asked last time, some users reported to
> > run Samba AD DC in LXC or LXD, which in my perception is not on par
> > with docker or kubernetes.

I have run AD DC successfully in docker (with and without docker-compose), 
podman and kubernetes. However, my main use case for the Samba AD DC is 
testing our file-server oriented projects. I personally do not know if anyone's 
running the AD DC image our samba-containers projects builds as a production 

I know there would be stumbling blocks around the workflow adding multiple DCs 
right now. It's not insurmountable but it's not something I or any of my 
teammates have had time to work on. Our main focus has been on file server stuff 
especially ramping up testing with clustered file systems backends. There's 
many things I'd like to do with the AD DC image but I don't find the time.

(PS. I'm not familiar with `secret sausage` do you mean `secret sauce`? Even 
if so, it's not clear to me what you mean by that here.)

> > One of the reasons I recall is, that the
> > life cycle of a DC and the number of services doesn´t really match
> > the one service/one process/one container paradigm.  Afaik the
> > Dockerfile-s included in the bootstrap directory only define compile-
> > time-dependencies. Afaik there is no build taking place and no
> > runtime equivalent.

Correct AFAIK, the core samba project only uses containers to enable building 
and running tests. Our org that Andrew linked above aims to provide container 
focused projects for application-facing builds of Samba and management tools 
around Samba and the container images we build.

Our project: https://github.com/samba-in-kubernetes/samba-container/
Image Repositories: https://quay.io/organization/samba.org

> > Noel pointed to gitlab using docker containers for build and test,
> > but I haven´t been able yet to digest how this works. All hits I
> > looked at when searching samba wiki appear to be related to that
> > usage, none to production usage.

> > If anyone uses docker or kubernetes containers in production, I
> > definitely would like to see how. For both Samba-AD-DC as well as
> > file servers.
> > Joachim

We host a project entirely focused on making running samba file servers in 
Kubernetes easy - samba-operator : https://github.com/samba-in-kubernetes/

Like many open source projects it's not entirely clear how many people or 
organizations are using our code. We get a fairly small but steady trickle of 
feedback that implies people are trying it out and probably using it to solve 
actual problems. I'd love to have you try out our containers, operator, or 
both and if you hit any issues don't hesitate to communicate with us!  We're 
always looking for people who would like to contribute too. :-)


-- John M.  
(wearing the "marketing" hat today)

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