[Samba] Samba-AD in Docker

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Aug 7 10:05:03 UTC 2023


On Mon, 2023-08-07 at 11:08 +0200, Joachim Lindenberg via samba wrote:
> Hello Anantha, Michael,
> IIRC this is somewhat optimistic or a secret sausage. For sure I´d
> also be interested in running a Samba AD DC in docker (or kubernetes)
> but never got so far. When I asked last time, some users reported to
> run Samba AD DC in LXC or LXD, which in my perception is not on par
> with docker or kubernetes. One of the reasons I recall is, that the
> life cycle of a DC and the number of services doesn´t really match
> the one service/one process/one container paradigm.  Afaik the
> Dockerfile-s included in the bootstrap directory only define compile-
> time-dependencies. Afaik there is no build taking place and no
> runtime equivalent. 
> Noel pointed to gitlab using docker containers for build and test,
> but I haven´t been able yet to digest how this works. All hits I
> looked at when searching samba wiki appear to be related to that
> usage, none to production usage.
> If anyone uses docker or kubernetes containers in production, I
> definitely would like to see how. For both Samba-AD-DC as well as
> file servers.
> Joachim 
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> 06.08.2023 11:21, Anantha Raghava H A via samba wrote:
> > Hi,
> > In the samba 4.18.5 source, while installing pre-requisite packages
> > using boothstrap.sh file, in the same folder, I saw the Dockerfile.
> > Can I safely assume that the Samba AD can actually run in Docker?
> Samba ad just needs the file system in one way or another (even not
> necessary capable of xattrs, - tdb module can be used to store these)
> and a network.
> It can run in a container just fine, and many people run it that
> way.  It doesn't even need full-blown (docker or OS) container, it
> can run in a separate network namespace from regular filesystem/OS
> (with data directories bind-mounted into the right places).
> /mjt
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