[Samba] DNS problems (still) with Linux domain members - using Samba's internal DNS backend

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Apr 26 08:46:23 UTC 2023

On 25/04/2023 22:59, Gary Dale via samba wrote:
> I actually think you went in the wrong direction there. By removing the 
> <some meaningful information>  and putting in just the actual values, 
> it's harder to distinguish what is magic and what is user-provided. For 
> example, in adding an A record, demo is the name of the new host being 
> added while A is the record type being created and is the 
> IPV4 address of the demo host.
> I think it would be clearer to write the example as:
> $ samba-tool dns add <dns server> <dns domain> <name to add> A <IPV4 
> address to add> -U administrator
> The example now shows people unnecessarily writing the FQDN of the DNS 
> server when only the name is really needed.
> The omission would be a test that shows why my setup isn't working.

I give up, first you wanted genuine examples, now you want generic 
examples, tell you what, would you like the chapta answer, so that you 
can fix the wiki to your liking ?


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