[Samba] DNS problems (still) with Linux domain members - using Samba's internal DNS backend

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Apr 25 15:22:43 UTC 2023

On 25/04/2023 15:37, Gary Dale via samba wrote:
> On 2023-04-25 08:15, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> On 25/04/2023 12:52, Gary Dale via samba wrote:
>>> Yes. Your answer is out of date. That part is now working as per my 
>>> reply to my own question at 23:56 last night. I note however that the 
>>> wiki doesn't actually tell you to do that. It only suggests 
>>> (optionally) creating the reverse zone. You need to read the 
>>> Administering DNS Samba wiki to potentially figure out you have to do 
>>> that.
>> It is optional, well, because it is optional for AD, but AD does work 
>> better if it is created.
>> The Samba wiki was/is written from the point of view that it was using 
>> a self compiled version of Samba, it was expected that the distros 
>> would provide there own documentation. Some distros are better at this 
>> than others.
> And anyone who dares use the distribution-created documentation gets 
> blasted for doing so and told to use the Samba documentation instead. 
> Besides, the distribution-created documentation gets outdated just as 
> fast as the Samba documentation.

The Samba documentation isn't that far out of date, yes there are 
problems, but not that many. Samba has no control over the distros 
documentation, some of which is good, what is really bad is the wealth 
of howtos out there on the internet, written by an 'expert'.

>>> e.g. in the DNS wiki under "Adding new records", the first example 
>>> reads:
>>> samba-tool dns add <Your-AD-DNS-Server-IP-or-hostname> 
>>> samdom.example.com demo A
>>> It starts out well  but then you hit "samdom..." which should be 
>>> <your realm in lowercase>.
>> There you see, you are wrong, AD lives and dies on dns, so your <your 
>> realm in lowercase> should actually be <your dns domain>, the realm 
>> would be <your dns domain in uppercase>.
> I suppose it is possible that <your dns domain> could be different from 
> <your realm in lowercase> but can you suggest why anyone would do that?

What I was trying to point out was that you appear to be thinking in the 
wrong direction, the dns domain comes first and the realm devolves from 
that, hence <your dns domain> rather than <your realm in lowercase>. The 
dns domain should always be in lowercase and the realm always referred 
to in uppercase.

>>> For extra clarity, it could be followed by an example with all the 
>>> values substituted:
>>> samba-tool dns add DC1 samdom.example.com demo A
>>> then showing the results of the command. And of course, it should use 
>>> the -U Administrator option since that seems to be required these days.
>> The '-U' option isn't actually set in stone, you could get a kerberos 
>> ticket and use kerberos instead. Your point is valid though, it should 
>> stick to one way of doing things.
> Yes. If you follow the example as written, you get an error message.

I have updated https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/DNS_Administration

Hopefully it is nearer to what is required now, but if you find any 
other errors or omissions, please let us know, we can only fix such 
things if we are told about them.


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