[Samba] Problems with my samba share permissions

Gary Dale gary at extremeground.com
Tue Apr 25 04:09:22 UTC 2023

On 2023-04-24 22:38, Steven Vishoot via samba wrote:
> I have a situation where my shares all give me permission denied errors
> whenever I try to save a file to it. I have four shares and one of them is
> allowed to save but the others will not save anything. The one that I can
> write to is original to the server and was set up when samba still had swat
> and that let me do a lot of things in the shared files. The other three
> were added later and I didn't try saving anything to these drives because
> originally was the backup server. Now it is the main server since the
> other server crashed. Now I cannot figure out what is wrong even when I use
> webmin it still doesn't show me that anything is wrong. What else can I do?
> I am stumped and annoyed. I have attached my config file for samba. Please
> can someone help me figure this out?
> Regards,
> Steven Vishoot
I feel your pain. I have a similar problem where I've been trying to 
regain access to Samba shares. The advice I've been give has had me 
rebuild my entire realm and I still don't have things working.

I don't know if I can help much but Samba has changed a lot over the 
last year. This seems to have made the old account mapping obsolete and 
non-functional. The advice I've been seeing is to use the Active 
Directory users and groups with Windows ACLs to control access.

I don't know if webmin still works - I've never used it. It may not have 
kept up to date with the new changes to Samba.

Anyway, if you can provide some more details about your setup, it would 
probably help. What are the clients running and how are they 
authenticating? Which version of Samba are you using. Is the file server 
a member of a domain? Stuff like that may help people help you.

Good luck.

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