[Samba] Get the reverse zone working

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Apr 21 16:27:27 UTC 2023

On 21/04/2023 17:13, matti.kaupenjohann via samba wrote:
> hi together,
> I am quite new to the topic domain controller but have earned my spurs 
> in the linux field for other topics.
> I started with a fresh ubuntu22.04 VM for testing reasons. The 
> installation was so far successful following the samba wiki. Also the 
> Section "Create a reverse zone" resulted in `Zone 0.99.10.in-addr.arpa 
> created successfully` but for testing I followed looked into the german 
> explanation of ubuntuusers because the wiki does not explain how to test 
> and enter the first entry (my dc01 server).
> Since the creation of the reverse zone was the same in the wiki as in 
> the ubuntuusers plattform, I thought I followed them for dns reverse 
> testing. Everything worked out as expected:
>   * the dns add returned successfull
>   * the dns querry returned exactly what is shown on ubuntuusers
>   * *but* the host returns Host not
>     found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Is that exactly what was returned ? (including the two dots between 
in-addr and arpa)

> what might be the issue here? (systemd-resolved was disabled earlier)
> Grettings
> MaKaNu

What does 'sudo samba-tool dns zonelist dc1 --reverse' produce ?
Where 'dc1' is your DC's hostname


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