[Samba] Unable to "rejoin" existing DC after upgrade (infamous WERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)

Luis Peromarta lperoma at icloud.com
Fri Apr 14 13:40:24 UTC 2023

All perfectly clear now, thanks, my notes have been updated accordingly.

This is important, may I suggest a note to delete the extra record(s)  be added to both


And possibly here:



On 14 Apr 2023 at 15:33 +0200, Rowland Penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>, wrote:
> On a samba AD DC, the samba_dnsupdate script is run at start up and then
> every 10 minutes, this script uses a file called dns_update_list and if
> a required dns record is missing, it is created. One of these records is
> this:
> # The PDC emulator
> ${IF_PDC}SRV _ldap._tcp.pdc._msdcs.${DNSDOMAIN} ${HOSTNAME} 389
> If you move the PDC emulator role to another DC, the required SRV record
> will be created, but there is no code to delete the old record.
> >
> > The other FSMO roles,  also have / need DNS entries unique to only the machine that has the role ?
> No, it is just the PDC emulator role, because there can only be one.
> Rowland

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