[Samba] Group-based access instead of user-based?

tom uijldert tom.uijldert at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 10:11:02 UTC 2022

Hi Robert,

Using the masks in your example gave it the group-access that makes this work. Thanks for that.
The user/group settings are of course already taken care of by my user-mapping, but it's certainly interesting to explore it a bit more.

That just leaves me with the question why group-access is needed when files and directories are seemingly being created by the same user where this was previously not the case, but I'll leave that to the boffins.

Thanks again,

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From: Robert Marcano <robert at marcanoonline.com> 
Sent: 12 September 2022 14:28

>> The unix security setting is simple and something I more or less "get" where, frankly, the whole Windows ACL-stuff seems overly complicated. But granted, that may be my limitation.
>The most simple setup I use when there are no complex ACL requirements, like your example, just let a group of people work freely on a share, I use this:
>   [share]
>   ...
>   create mask = 660
>   directory mask = 770
>   force group = mygroup
>   valid users = @mygroup
>Just plain Unix permissions, no POSIX ACLs, no Windows ACLS.

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