[Samba] After upgrading from OpenSuse 15.3 to 15.4, Bind no longer starts with AD integrated zones

Zombie Ryushu zombie_ryushu at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 10:22:53 UTC 2022

I upgraded one of my "spare" AD servers with OpenSuse 15.4, and there is 
now a problem that prevents Samba from starting.

2022-10-31T03:59:04.253329-04:00 serenity named[1321]: reading built-in 
trust anchors from file '/etc/bind.keys'
2022-10-31T03:59:04.274549-04:00 serenity named[1321]: using default 
UDP/IPv4 port range: [32768, 60999]
2022-10-31T03:59:04.274649-04:00 serenity named[1321]: using default 
UDP/IPv6 port range: [32768, 60999]
2022-10-31T03:59:04.275865-04:00 serenity named[1321]: listening on IPv4 
interface lo,
2022-10-31T03:59:04.276558-04:00 serenity named[1321]: listening on IPv4 
interface eth0,
2022-10-31T03:59:04.277066-04:00 serenity named[1321]: IPv6 socket API 
is incomplete; explicitly binding to each IPv6 address separately
2022-10-31T03:59:04.277116-04:00 serenity named[1321]: listening on IPv6 
interface lo, ::1#53
2022-10-31T03:59:04.277574-04:00 serenity named[1321]: listening on IPv6 
interface eth0, fe80::dabb:c1ff:fe0c:3533%2#53
2022-10-31T03:59:04.278268-04:00 serenity named[1321]: generating 
session key for dynamic DNS
2022-10-31T03:59:04.278561-04:00 serenity named[1321]: sizing zone task 
pool based on 4 zones
2022-10-31T03:59:04.805839-04:00 serenity named[1321]: Loading 'AD DNS 
Zone' using driver dlopen
2022-10-31T03:59:10.474329-04:00 serenity named[1321]: samba_dlz: 
started for DN DC=pukey
2022-10-31T03:59:10.474414-04:00 serenity named[1321]: samba_dlz: 
starting configure
2022-10-31T03:59:10.485811-04:00 serenity named[1321]: 
dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f55ed0a35c0:1: near 'serenity..': empty label
2022-10-31T03:59:10.485914-04:00 serenity named[1321]: Failed to put rr
2022-10-31T03:59:10.485978-04:00 serenity named[1321]: zone pukey/NONE: 
could not find NS and/or SOA records
2022-10-31T03:59:10.486061-04:00 serenity named[1321]: zone pukey/NONE: 
has 0 SOA records
2022-10-31T03:59:10.486127-04:00 serenity named[1321]: zone pukey/NONE: 
has no NS records
2022-10-31T03:59:10.486182-04:00 serenity named[1321]: samba_dlz: Failed 
to configure zone 'pukey'
2022-10-31T03:59:10.506557-04:00 serenity named[1321]: loading 
configuration: bad zone
2022-10-31T03:59:10.506665-04:00 serenity named[1321]: exiting (due to 
fatal error)

Samba iteslf still works. version of Samba between 15.3 and 15.4 isn't 
any different, but the version of Bind is:


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