[Samba] After upgrading from OpenSuse 15.3 to 15.4, Bind no longer starts with AD integrated zones

Zombie Ryushu zombie_ryushu at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 19:07:50 UTC 2022

I got another clue. What secrets file is it referring towhen it says:

1-Oct-2022 14:42:31.146 samba_dlz: ldb: No encrypted secrets key file. 
Secret attributes will not be encrypted or decrypted
31-Oct-2022 14:42:31.146 samba_dlz:
31-Oct-2022 14:42:31.198 samba_dlz: started for DN DC=pukey
31-Oct-2022 14:42:31.198 samba_dlz: starting configure
31-Oct-2022 14:42:31.202 dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f1c3fa915c0:1: 
near 'serenity..': empty label
31-Oct-2022 14:42:31.202 Failed to put rr

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