[Samba] What is the Uid in smbstatus command?

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed May 11 15:28:32 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-05-11 at 15:11 +0000, Jim Brand wrote:
> There is a problem with your uid, in your smb.conf you posted this:
> You are saying that your uid (or ID) is '3578', but :
> 3578 != 7880
> So where is it coming from ????
> 3578 is UID from AD and local on the box.   Our organization requires
> local userids on all servers(!)  The only time we join AD on Linux is
> for Samba.

The smb.conf that you posted in your first post is from a Unix domain
member. You do not have 'local users' (users in /etc/passwd) that are
also in AD e.g. you do not have the user 'fred' in /etc/passwd and in
AD. If you do have the same usernames in both, the local user will be
used before the AD users and the two users are totally different users
even if they are both called 'fred'.
> Since our Samba files normally match UID/GID in /etc/passwd, not RID
> + Offset I assume ' backend = rid' has never worked properly.

No your understanding of Samba seems to be the problem, you seem to be
treating Samba as a standalone server (which, from your sample smb.conf
, it isn't) and a Unix domain member.

>   Since we want UIDs to match /etc/passwd I'm going to try again to
> get Samba working with ad backend.

If you go down this path (just use the Unix ID's for the uidNumber or
gidNumber attributes in AD), remove the users from /etc/passwd, you
will no longer require them.

> Or we can stick with
>     security = DOMAIN
> which gives us the desired behavior.   Only problem is when servers
> reboot we have to rejoin the domain.   Security = ADS solved that.

Do not use 'security = DOMAIN', it requires SMBv1 and this will be
removed from Samba.


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