[Samba] Unable to write to a share that I should have access to

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at math.utexas.edu
Tue Mar 8 12:52:31 UTC 2022

On 3/8/22 04:52, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> Hai,
> It's seldom i had problem due AppArmor these days, the defaults are fine in general.
> And its installed.. By default, it comes with the kernels..
> Just leave it as is.. It should add the path's of share's automaticly to apparmor.
>>> When I try this, I get an error message
>>> $ chown testuser:"Media Users" TV_Shows/
>>> chown: invalid user: ‘testuser:Media Users’
> getent passwd testuser
> id testuser
> wbinfo -i testuser
> Do these show the needed info, uid gid homedir..
> This :  chown testuser:"Media Users" TV_Shows
> Only works if you a UIG:GID set .. I suspect one is missing.
> Chown, does work fine as user, as long as the user has rights,
>   to write in that location where chown is used.

Louis, if that works for you, I'd love to know why:

   [pgoetz at frog ~]$ mkdir testdir

   [pgoetz at frog ~]$ cd testdir

   [pgoetz at frog testdir]$ touch foo

   [pgoetz at frog testdir]$ ls -l foo
   -rw-r--r-- 1 pgoetz pgoetz 0 Mar  8 06:46 foo

   [pgoetz at frog testdir]$ chown sven foo
   chown: changing ownership of 'foo': Operation not permitted

   [pgoetz at frog testdir]$ sudo -i
   [sudo] password for pgoetz:

   [root at frog ~]# cd /home/pgoetz/testdir

   [root at frog testdir]# chown sven foo

   [root at frog testdir]# ls -l
   total 0
   -rw-r--r-- 1 sven pgoetz 0 Mar  8 06:46 foo

This is on an Arch linux system, but Ubuntu behaves the same way. If 
this is a configurable option, I want to know how to do it.

> In smb.conf
> Remove these lines..
>>> valid users = @HOME\Photos_Users @HOME\Multimedia_Users
> And setup like this.
>     read list = @"HOME\Photos_Users",@"HOME\Multimedia_Users"
>     write list = @ANY_GROUP_for_Write_ACCESS
> Make sure also that you have in nsswitch.conf .. (* i suggest, keep winbind as last)
> passwd:         files systemd winbind
> group:          files systemd winbind
> And check that libnss-winbind libpam-winbind are installed.
> Greetz,
> Louis
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>> Rowland Penny via samba
>> Verzonden: maandag 7 maart 2022 20:33
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>> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Unable to write to a share that I
>> should have access to
>> On Mon, 2022-03-07 at 12:00 -0500, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:
>>> Selinux is definitely turned off and I have no idea what apparmor is
>>> but it
>>> is not installed.
>> Apparmor is basically the Debian version of Selinux, both of which can
>> stop users writing to a location.
>> Rowland
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