[Samba] Unable to write to a share that I should have access to

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Mar 8 10:52:52 UTC 2022


It's seldom i had problem due AppArmor these days, the defaults are fine in general. 
And its installed.. By default, it comes with the kernels.. 
Just leave it as is.. It should add the path's of share's automaticly to apparmor. 

> > When I try this, I get an error message
> > $ chown testuser:"Media Users" TV_Shows/
> > chown: invalid user: ‘testuser:Media Users’

getent passwd testuser
id testuser
wbinfo -i testuser
Do these show the needed info, uid gid homedir..

This :  chown testuser:"Media Users" TV_Shows
Only works if you a UIG:GID set .. I suspect one is missing. 

Chown, does work fine as user, as long as the user has rights,
 to write in that location where chown is used. 

In smb.conf
Remove these lines.. 
> >valid users = @HOME\Photos_Users @HOME\Multimedia_Users 
And setup like this. 

   read list = @"HOME\Photos_Users",@"HOME\Multimedia_Users"
   write list = @ANY_GROUP_for_Write_ACCESS

Make sure also that you have in nsswitch.conf .. (* i suggest, keep winbind as last) 
passwd:         files systemd winbind
group:          files systemd winbind

And check that libnss-winbind libpam-winbind are installed. 



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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Unable to write to a share that I 
> should have access to
> On Mon, 2022-03-07 at 12:00 -0500, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:
> > Selinux is definitely turned off and I have no idea what apparmor is
> > but it
> > is not installed.
> Apparmor is basically the Debian version of Selinux, both of which can
> stop users writing to a location.
> Rowland
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