[Samba] Multichannel and RSS Not Detected

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Mon Jun 27 11:58:10 UTC 2022

I tried the server min protocol and no change.  I have this same config on the
other server and it works fine.  I think I have no choice now but to get
SerNet involved.

I appreciate everyone's help.


On 6/25/22 10:24, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> I suggest you read 'man smb.conf', you have a lot of default settings
> and some that do not make sense because you are not using SMBv1.
> If you do read 'man smb.conf' under 'server multi channel support' you
> will find:
> This boolean parameter controls whether smbd(8) will support SMB3
> multi-channel.
> Now you have set 'client min protocol = SMB3' , but are you aware that
> this refers to the client on the Samba machine and not any external
> client ? There is another parameter 'server min protocol' which refers
> to your samba server that others connect to and this defaults to SMB2.
> Try setting 'server min protocol = SMB3' and see if that helps.
> Rowland

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