[Samba] Bind9 and reverse-zones

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Feb 18 09:54:20 UTC 2022

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> Rowland Penny via samba
> Verzonden: vrijdag 18 februari 2022 10:08
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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Bind9 and reverse-zones
> On Fri, 2022-02-18 at 09:16 +0100, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> > Good morning Patrick, 
> > 
> > If people want use Arch, well, happy for them, i use Arch's wiki a
> > lot, has good examples.
> > But.. im a Debian guy, i'll stay a debian guy. ;-) 
> > 
> > As far i know, no reverse zone is created automaticly.. Not in
> > windows not in samba.
> > But the bug is about the restore of the zone, if its in the 
> > backup is "should" be restored, 
> It probably is getting restored, but with the wrong nameservers in the
> reversezone (the old DC(s)). There is nothing to add the new 
> one, there
> is no mention of the reverszone in dns_update_list.

That's logical, we cant deterimin which zone might me need or in which subnet our ip is.

Like, if i have ip 
Same does not know if that is a /24 or /16 /8  or any other subnet. 
This is why we have to create the zones. 

> > And/or that when its created (* with older versions of samba),
> > it might be missing/did miss the NS records.. 
> > 
> > And yes, Arch might have fewer dependencies.. 
> > I have things enabled which users like and is not in debian 
> > or ubuntu enabled. 
> > The difference isnt big but that part does give few extra depends. 
> > 
> > Also, on the point of dependencies.. There is a change coming in
> > debian/ubuntu
> > I only havent had the time yet to check it, but that will result in
> > lesser dependencies. 
> Any chance of a link to the change ?

I've not tested it myself yet, i hope to get some time today. 

So far, 



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