[Samba] DFS links don't work anymore on Mac clients since 4.17

Alban Rodriguez alban.rodriguez at univ-lr.fr
Tue Dec 20 17:30:01 UTC 2022


Updating from Samba 4.16.5 to Samba 4.17.3 we just realized DFS links are not resolved anymore when accessing the DFS root shares from a Mac.
As a consequence, the destination shares just appear empty

It still works on a Windows client though.

Our server runs Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS, Samba built from source and configured as an AD domain member.
Don’t know if it matters but we are not using the vfs_fruit module (maybe we should …)

Nothing striking in the client log file aside from a «  Cannot get attribute from EA on file » error but not sure it’s related.

Going back to Samba 4.16.5 and it’s working again.

Has anybody else had the same ? I’ve probably missed something in recent changes but I couldn’t find what …


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