[Samba] How to use Samba on Ubuntu. whose files are mapped to the Active Windows LDAP domain UIDs, not Active Windows UIDs .

Mark London mrl at psfc.mit.edu
Wed Apr 20 01:17:13 UTC 2022

Hi - We have a Windows/Linux environment.   The Linux computers use the 
Active Domain LDAP server.

I'm running a Linux web server.   I want to create a Sambamount point on 
it, to allow Windows users to modify files in certain website folders.
The problem is that Samba only uses Winbind for authentication.

But because our LDAP UIDs are different than the Windows UIDs for users, 
this is a major problem. If I switch the Linux server to using Winbind, 
by putting it in nsswtich.conf, this will break the Linux server's 
file's ownership.

This used to work properly on an much older version of Samba, which 
didn't have to use Winbind to authenticate.

I presently can only find one solution in our environment.  We do have a 
Netapp disk server that is serving folders using NFS to our Linux users, 
and using Samba for our Windows users.  That box can handle the 
different UID mappings.   I sure wish a linux server had the same 
functionality.   Thanks. - Mark

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