[Samba] SSH to Samba server using AD credentials and group membership.

Daniel Lopes de Carvalho daniel at cepetro.unicamp.br
Wed Apr 6 17:11:03 UTC 2022


I'm looking for a way to authenticate a Samba 4.14.12 (domain controller)
server SSH user with his AD credentials and group memberships.

In this server, I have a SSH config with the statement AllowGroups SysAdmins

I would like to use AD users and groups membership to control this access.
I have created the accounts and groups in AD database and it is working

Now I need to configure the Samba server to see this relationship. I tried
to use NSLCD and NSCD to do that, but I got the following error on

pam_unix(sshd:account): could not identify user (from

I already execute the pam-auth-update, but nothing happens.

Can someone give some light on it?


Daniel Lopes de Carvalho
daniel at cepetro.unicamp.br
unisim.cepetro.unicamp.br <https://www.unisim.cepetro.unicamp.br/>
+55 19 3521-1221

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