[Samba] Problem after update version 4.15.0

rme at bluemail.ch rme at bluemail.ch
Wed Sep 29 10:30:14 UTC 2021

Hi Louis,

On 29.09.2021 12:14, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> I suspect its somewhere in the AD object.
> And you check in the ad on a few computer objects, the msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes
> By default its 31. ("DES_CRC","DES_MD5","RC4","AES128","AES256")
> You can try changing it on a faulty computer to 24. "AES128","AES256"
> 0x18 = 24

I could try that. As written in my other reply I also had to manually 
update the value from 31 to 28 as of the issue reported here: 

I still believe samba-tool domain schemaupgrade should handle this properly.

Also as reported I validated the configuration and the value is set to 
28 for my domain controller (Samba) as well as for the working and 
non-working client. So all of them are set to value 28.

I could however try other values for non-working machines but I doubt 
it's going to change anything.

best regards,

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