[Samba] working well with sssd

Billy Bob billysbobs at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 23 20:41:10 UTC 2021


> Seeing has how I seem to be upsetting people by pointing out that sssd
> isn't a Samba product, I will ignore such posts in future and let
> others try to help.

> Rowland

That, I think, is truly unfortunate ... because, I also think, you of all people have the exact knowledge required to inform the solution to so many of these issues.

I have never noticed anyone on the list, regular or one-off, that did not appreciate and value the depth of knowledge you bring to the table ... as impressive as it is extensive.

I have seen many on the list left frustrated and head-spinning by the inability to get help because sssd is somebody else's product.

As to the analogy with Volvo dealers and Ford automobiles, it's just not the same thing. Nobody could say that sssd is an alternative to SAMBA ... it merely performs a function in connection with SAMBA in lieu of a component of SAMBA, and as has been repeatedly pointed out by SAMBA team members who are very active and invested in SAMBA's development, e.g. Ralph, sssd "is needed" and has it's place.

I can't see viewing this list as being just about "fixing" SAMBA. Surely this list must encompass "using" SAMBA, and that must include using SAMBA with sssd.

While not helping is probably preferable to telling people to take a hike, what the people who have chimed in today seem to want is for you to share the gift you have in knowing and understanding SAMBA top to bottom. Who wouldn't?

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