[Samba] Ubuntu printing in a Windows10 USB printer

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at math.utexas.edu
Mon Sep 20 22:20:44 UTC 2021

Since no one has responded, I'm not sure this is an issue Samba can 
address; it most certainly is a problem you don't want to solve with 
Samba, if you can avoid it. You're talking about configuring a 
non-trivial software stack just to be able to print from your Ubuntu 

The simple solution here is,

  if your printer has an ethernet port or wireless connectivity (almost 
all do these days; heck my stove has a wireless interface in case I 
decide to go insane and enable it to facilitate someone turning the oven 
on remotely in the middle of the day),
  then make the printer an independent device on your network, assign an 
IP address to it from the printer's web interface or control panel, and 
cups on your Ubuntu laptop is liable to discover it automatically. (I 
know this works on a wired network, not sure on wireless, as I haven't 
tried it.) In any case, it should be easy to configure from there using 

I wonder if anyone is still using Samba to serve up printers; that seems 
very early 2000's or even late 90's.

On 9/19/21 8:45 PM, Edison Albuquerque via samba wrote:
> Hi.
> Starting in this mailing list.
> I've been Googling a lot but found confusing explanations on how to do it.
> Could you please help me?
> I understand that Ubuntu, my notebook, is the client and Windows 10, the
> notebook to which the printer is attached to via USB, is the server.
> How to configure Windows? How to prepare my notebook to connect to the
> printer?
> Thanks.

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