[Samba] RSAT not working any more?

Ingo Asche foren at asche-rz.de
Fri Oct 29 16:32:14 UTC 2021

Hi Patrick,

that's not quite true...

Only for example the Active-Directory Management Center didn't work for 
as Rowland said the missing Powershell modules and the web server.

But Active Directory User and Computers or the DNS management should 
still work.

I use it on Windows 10 21H1 19043.1320. The only difference is the Samba 
version at the moment: 4.18.8, but I used it also to test 4.15.0 and the 
upcoming 4.15.1 and it still works...


Patrick Goetz via samba schrieb am 29.10.2021 um 18:15:
> On 10/29/21 10:42, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>> On Fri, 2021-10-29 at 17:57 +0300, Thomas Kamalakis via samba wrote:
>>> Dear all
>>>    I am having trouble administering Samba DC using RSAT on a Windows
>>> 10
>>> machine.
>> Unfortunately RSAT on the latest Windows 10 needs a web server that
>> Samba does not have.
> OMG, what? Are you saying we can't use RSAT? It's a bit problematic 
> that the Wiki in most cases advises you to use RSAT for this and that. 
> How do we create GPO's without RSAT, for example?  When you say latest 
> version of Windows 10, can you pinpoint what version that is so I most 
> carefully do not update one of the W10 machines?
> Time for another dose of 'zac and jack (Prozac washed down with Jack 
> Daniels). Why, oh why did I get out of math, where nothing ever 
> suffers random updates that break everything?
>>>    Installation info:
>>>    Samba version: 4.14.9 (installed fresh from source on an Ubuntu
>>> 20.04).
>>>    Windows 10 client: Windows 10 Pro (21H1 - OS build 19043.1288)
>>>    RSAT server manager: Build number 10.0.19041.1 / 12-6-2019
>>>    Server manager identifies the server running the "Samba" operating
>>> system
>>> and then reports "Error - Cannot manage the operating system of the
>>> target
>>> computer"
>>>    The Windows 10 client has successfully joined the domain and I am
>>> logged
>>> in as Administrator at DOMAIN.EXAMPLE.COM without any problems.
>>>    DNS is working on the DC, and I am correctly resolving the LDAP and
>>> kerberos services as well as the dc name dc1.domain.example.com
>>>    I've also tried the Ubuntu 20.04 samba version (4.11.6) on a clean
>>> install and behavior is the same. Clean installing Samba 4.15 was
>>> worse,
>>> Administrator could not login, it seems this is a widespread problem
>>> for
>>> the 4.15, this is why I ended up building the 4.14.9
>> Yes, there is known problem with 4.15.0, the upcoming 4.15.1 will fix
>> this.
>>>    Does any one have any suggestions? I remember RSAT working fine
>>> with
>>> earlier Windows and Samba versions.
>> Not at the moment, there are numerous programs out there, but nothing
>> exactly like RSAT, the nearest is a package that Altlinux is working
>> on.
>> Rowland

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