[Samba] RSAT not working any more?

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at math.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 29 16:15:27 UTC 2021

On 10/29/21 10:42, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On Fri, 2021-10-29 at 17:57 +0300, Thomas Kamalakis via samba wrote:
>> Dear all
>>    I am having trouble administering Samba DC using RSAT on a Windows
>> 10
>> machine.
> Unfortunately RSAT on the latest Windows 10 needs a web server that
> Samba does not have.

OMG, what? Are you saying we can't use RSAT? It's a bit problematic that 
the Wiki in most cases advises you to use RSAT for this and that. How do 
we create GPO's without RSAT, for example?  When you say latest version 
of Windows 10, can you pinpoint what version that is so I most carefully 
do not update one of the W10 machines?

Time for another dose of 'zac and jack (Prozac washed down with Jack 
Daniels). Why, oh why did I get out of math, where nothing ever suffers 
random updates that break everything?

>>    Installation info:
>>    Samba version: 4.14.9 (installed fresh from source on an Ubuntu
>> 20.04).
>>    Windows 10 client: Windows 10 Pro (21H1 - OS build 19043.1288)
>>    RSAT server manager: Build number 10.0.19041.1 / 12-6-2019
>>    Server manager identifies the server running the "Samba" operating
>> system
>> and then reports "Error - Cannot manage the operating system of the
>> target
>> computer"
>>    The Windows 10 client has successfully joined the domain and I am
>> logged
>> in as Administrator at DOMAIN.EXAMPLE.COM without any problems.
>>    DNS is working on the DC, and I am correctly resolving the LDAP and
>> kerberos services as well as the dc name dc1.domain.example.com
>>    I've also tried the Ubuntu 20.04 samba version (4.11.6) on a clean
>> install and behavior is the same. Clean installing Samba 4.15 was
>> worse,
>> Administrator could not login, it seems this is a widespread problem
>> for
>> the 4.15, this is why I ended up building the 4.14.9
> Yes, there is known problem with 4.15.0, the upcoming 4.15.1 will fix
> this.
>>    Does any one have any suggestions? I remember RSAT working fine
>> with
>> earlier Windows and Samba versions.
> Not at the moment, there are numerous programs out there, but nothing
> exactly like RSAT, the nearest is a package that Altlinux is working
> on.
> Rowland

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