[Samba] domain-free multi-user use cases

Eric Levy contact at ericlevy.name
Mon Oct 25 00:48:43 UTC 2021

On Sun, 2021-10-24 at 11:12 +0200, cn--- via samba wrote:
> Am 24.10.21 um 10:08 schrieb Eric Levy via samba:
> > I did not understand the reference to host-based authentication.
> > 
> > 
> Andrew meant that NFS does exactly what you want right now. (iSCSI
> will 
> also do this but is more complex to set up) The drawback is it only 
> works on Linux out of the box. But as I understand you only have
> Linux 
> clients at the moment.

NFS won't do exactly what I want. One issue is that numeric user
identifiers are required to match across systems, but even working
around this inconvenience, the larger issue is that without Kerberos,
NFS mounts are not protected by authentication.

iSCSI obviously is not file sharing. Multiple clients cannot access the
same iSCSI device simultaneously, and any client accessing the device
must be able to use the underlying file system.

> What does work is that each user on you clients does it own mount of
> the 
> share. The result is the same and there are tools (autofs,
> pam_mount) 
> that are just as easy to configure as NFS for example.

I think I once reviewed a discussion about why autofs features offer
limited support for user directories the wawy you suggest. If a guide
for getting to this to work is available, I would review it, even
though the effect would not be exactly the same as a multiuser mount.

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