[Samba] Using samba-tool to join a linux file server to the domain doesn't appear to work

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Thu Nov 4 14:53:00 UTC 2021

On 11/4/21 8:47 AM, Patrick Goetz via samba wrote:>
> No! No, you don't. It's way better to have one way to do things, but 
> have it work correctly.  There's nothing wrong with
>    net ads leave
> other than it doesn't take care of cleaning up DNS.

What you don't see under the hood, is that there *is* only one way of 
doing it. samba-tool domain join member is just calling net ads join, 
and samba-tool domain leave (the command I'm just now adding), just 
calls net ads leave. The point was, that the samba-tool command to join 
was confusing, since it never actually worked. So I pointed it to net 
ads join (using python bindings to the actual c call that net ads join 
Adding these samba-tool commands eliminates the confusion, and prevents 
having 2 'correct' ways of doing it, since they call the same exact code 

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