[Samba] Samba on AIX with security = ads - does it actually work?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu May 27 19:55:25 UTC 2021

On 27/05/2021 20:36, Ben Huntsman wrote:
> >Which seems to say that whilst AIX is a 64bit OS, Samba for some
> >inexplicable reason is 32bit and so lsuser doesn't work. I have no idea
> >if this is true, but it is worth checking and if it is true, then you
> >need to speak to whomever is compiling Samba.
> That may or may not be a red herring.  id_32 and id_64 are not native 
> AIX utilities, but are provided by coreutils.  On my system, the 
> native AIX id command returns data for AD users when winbind is 
> configured.  Interestingly, id_32 returns data also, but more of it. 
>  id_64 indeed says "no such user".  But again, the AIX id command does 
> so I would think it'd be good to go.
> You are right though that Samba is built as 32-bit on AIX:
> # dump -ov /opt/freeware/lib/WINBIND.so
> /opt/freeware/lib/WINBIND.so:
>                         ***Object Module Header***
> # Sections      Symbol Ptr      # Symbols Opt Hdr Len     Flags
>          4      0x00005098            353          72     0x3002
> Timestamp = "Feb 09 08:27:01 2021"
> Magic = 0x1df  (32-bit XCOFF)
>                         ***Optional Header***
> Tsize       Dsize       Bsize       Tstart  Dstart
> 0x000038df  0x000001a9  0x00000008  0x10000128  0x30000a07
> SNloader    SNentry     SNtext      SNtoc SNdata
> 0x0004      0x0002      0x0001      0x0002  0x0002
> TXTalign    DATAalign   TOC         vstamp  entry
> 0x0007      0x0002      0x30000b10  0x0001  0x30000a18
> maxSTACK    maxDATA     SNbss       magic modtype
> 0x00000000  0x80000000  0x0003      0x010b        RE
> That being the case, I would think we'd want to have a WINBIND.so in 
> /opt/freeware/lib64 as well. Any way to force a 64-bit (or both 
> simultaneously) build?  In this case it was IBM who did the compile.
> But regardless, I'm not sure if it matters for the specific error in 
> question...
> Thanks again!
> -Ben

The Samba code works correctly on Linux, however to get users, you need 
to set up nsswitch and its required links. Now I know you say that AIX 
does not use these, but it must use something else instead, it is 
probably something in this link that doesn't work. I can't test this, 
but I feel that trying to use a 64bit Samba with 32bit tools isn't a 
good idea, but then what do I know ?

I am fairly certain that your problem isn't a Samba one, but an AIX one.

Could you build Samba yourself ?

If you could, you could build it all into the AIX version of 
/usr/local/samba and that way you will get binaries etc built for your arch.


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