[Samba] Reload SSL certificate for LDAPS without completely restarting samba

brian at grumbleranch.com brian at grumbleranch.com
Mon Mar 15 16:06:49 UTC 2021

Running Samba 4.13.3. After expiration of the certificate used for LDAP-SSL,
it appears that I need to restart Samba entirely to start using the new
certificate. Is there a less disruptive way to switch over to using a new
certificate for LDAPS?


The "reload-config" option of smbcontrol does not cause the new certificate
to be loaded when targeting smbd or winbindd or process IDs for any of the
"ldap" processes.


I tried sending the HUP signal to the primary samba process (pkill -HUP
samba) as well as the "ldap" process (pkill -HUP ldap) but that did not
cause the new certificate file to be reloaded.

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