[Samba] Azure AD Connect but domain functional level 2012_R2 not yet supported?

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Tue Jun 29 16:48:05 UTC 2021

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>> Hi MJ and Ralph,
>> Thanks for the additional information! I went back and read this thread and
>> this bug report:
>> https://www.spinics.net/lists/samba/msg166681.html
>> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10635
>> Is the following correct that there are two different working methods for
>> syncing from Samba to Azure AD with these tradeoffs?
>> * Azure AD Connect (old tool) can be used but only in pass-through mode until
>> the above bug is fixed (password hash mode is not reliably working, except
>> maybe with a brand new domain). Moreover, it is a more complex setup and
>> requires a local SQL server, agents running to handle the authentication, etc
> So I followed the wiki link listed below, except I used the "old" tool
> instead. IMO it was easier to setup than the connector and proved more
> reliable results. I did NOT migrate from NT4 to new AD, but our UIDs
> are from our old NT4 domain in a sense that the users were manually
> created. I'm only using this on a Windows 2019 (only license to
> purchase) domain MEMBER, not a DC. My setup is not a Hybrid setup,
> only samba with mixed domain member environment. The AAD Connect tool
> syncs every 30 minutes and is syncing password hashes reliably after I
> made the permission edits mentioned above. That seemed to be the only
> thing outside of the documentation that needed done otherwise.

Do you happen to have another copy of that documentation? The link you posted 
earlier (http://haste.thegamingcorner.net/awizipedez.sql) doesn't appear to be
working now and I couldn't find a copy of it on archive.org.

>> Does Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync require that it be run on a Windows DC in the
>> domain? MJ, your experience in this thread seems to indicate that it does, but
>> the Samba wiki page seems to say that only a Windows Server 2016 domain member
>> is needed?
>> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Azure_AD_Sync
> As mentioned above, I'm running on a Domain Member, not a Domain
> Controller. From what I gather, the only reason to create a hybrid
> setup and use a DC with AAD Sync is to allow 2-way password sync.
>> Are there any other major pros and cons between the above two methods?
> With my method, the biggest drawback is that any directory synced user
> (on O365 from Samba) can not use the reset password features on O365,
> they MUST reset their password through windows, or a custom written
> tool that invokes samba-tool on the CLI. With my method however, you
> can also manually run the sync if needed in-between the 30 minutes of
> each sync by using the Synchronization service tool on the windows
> domain member server.

Thanks; it's clear to me that Azure AD Connect (the "old" tool) doesn't require
a DC, but can the new Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync tool be run on a Domain 
Member also or does it require running on a DC too (or only if you want to do 
two-way password sync)?

Did you set up the "old" tool on 3 different Domain Members as the docs
recommend for redundancy? If so, was the setup process easier on the subsequent
two ( all of the settings had already been configured on the first instance)?



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