[Samba] impot/export user

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Jan 2 12:12:03 UTC 2021

On 02/01/2021 11:47, sam zand wrote:
> So right
>  I had a NAS system that had SAMBA version 4.9.8 installed on it. Now 
> I created a new NAS system that has SAMA version 4.12.3 installed on 
> it.  You said that Samba users can not send old to the new version and 
> the new version must be Join the old version.  Is there no other way?
> Can I transfer users of the old version to Windows Server 2012 or 
> higher and from there to the SAMBA new version ?
> Is there a way to transfer SAMBA DC users to Windows Server and vice 
> versa?
> Thank You very much.

You still are not giving us enough information, how was Samba running on 
the old NAS ?

If it was running as a DC, then you should have 'joined' your new DC to 
it, instead of creating a new DC and domain.

Active directory uses SIDs to identify objects (users, groups, computers 
etc) in AD, The domain SID will be in this format:


Where 'xxxxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyyyy-zzzzzzzzzz' is a set of random numbers, 
random per domain that is, each AD domain has a unique SID. The RID is 
again unique in the domain. This means that whilst you could export the 
users etc from your old domain, you could only export usernames etc, you 
cannot export the SIDs. This means that any machines joined to your old 
domain, will need to be joined to your new domain.

As for the Windows DC, it should be possible to join it to your Samba AD 
DC, but it is a bit experimental at the moment.


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