[Samba] impot/export user

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Jan 3 10:07:35 UTC 2021

On 03/01/2021 07:30, sam zand wrote:
> Thank you for your guidance.
>  Is it possible to connect to my system using AnyDesk and help us?
No, I only offer help via this mailing list.
>  I have a couple of questions.  Please introduce me if there are any 
> tips or even a site that I can do myself.
>  I have a Windows server in the company that has more than 200 users 
> who do the authentication of users of different systems.
Is this 'Windows server' an AD DC ?
>  Now I set up a file sharing using Samba, who also sent you the 
> smb.conf file.
If you require file sharing, then you really shouldn't be setting up an 
AD DC, you should be setting up a Unix domain member.
>  How can I authenticate samba users using Windows Server?

Set up a Unix domain member, start by reading this:


>  Is it possible to tell all the solutions?
>  If I am not mistaken, one of the solutions was to join SAMBA to 
> Windows Server and place it subset Windows Server, as you said before, 
> this has also been done experimentally.
By 'subset', I think you mean 'subdomain', Samba (as yet) doesn't do 
subdomain's, but you can join Samba as either a Unix domain member (to 
any Windows DC) or as an AD DC (This is a bit limited at the moment, 
highest version at this time is 2012R2 and that is experimental)
>  I have also attached a sample output of the SAMBA configuration file, 
> which is a test.
If you are going to attach things (which reminds me, never send anything 
directly to me unless I ask you to), please send the contents in an 
easily read format, not everything on one long line. Also, you cannot 
send attachments to the list, they are stripped.


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