[Samba] New AD-DC missing some DNS Information

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Feb 13 19:01:36 UTC 2021

On 13/02/2021 18:26, Robert Steinmetz AIA wrote:
> We have DNS at our registrar for our public IP addresses which are 
> translated to private ip addresses vi a router at our sites. The 
> individual have private ip addresses. Windows clients use DHCP and 
> Linux Servers have static IPs as do printers and a few other devices.  
> Internally we mostly use wins to find the local machines. It's been 
> set up like this for years and worked for us.

So, you do not have any internal dns servers, but you do have an 
NT4-style domain that uses wins.

Lets take it that your registered domain is 'example.com', so is your 
NT4-style domain using this domain ?

If I was in your position, I would start again, but this time use 
something like 'ad.example.com' for the domain, do not use your 
registered dns domain. You will then need to start and join your clients 
to your new domain and you can no longer use wins, you must use dns. You 
will need to forward anything outside the 'ad.example.com' domain to an 
external dns server.

As for your two 'sites', then this is very doable, you just need at 
least one DC at each site and then use the very aptly named 'sites'.

If your mail server etc uses ldap, then you have a few options, you can 
use AD to authenticate your mail users (dovecot for instance), or you 
can sync your users from AD to your ldap, or perhaps use another, newer, 
mail server.

As for why you cannot use wins, it relies on netbios which AD does not 
use, it uses dns instead.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.


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