[Samba] Best upgrade path, upgrade in-place or add new DCs and demote old?

Max Olivas molivas at northglenn.org
Fri Feb 12 18:12:42 UTC 2021


I have two Samba AD DCs on Ubuntu 19.04 running the stock Ubuntu Samba versions (2:4.10.0) and schema version 47.  I need to upgrade to Samba 4.11 or higher with schema version 69 and would like to know what is the 'best' path?

1. Upgrade in-place to Ubuntu to 20.04 (on the secondary DC first) to get Samba 2:4.11.6
2. Add a new Ubuntu 20.04 DC to the directory and transfer FSMO roles, demote old DCs, put DNS forwarders at the IPs for the old DCs?
3. Upgrade Samba using packages outside the stock Ubuntu sources to get to 4.11 or higher?
4. Something I haven't thought of???

Thank you in advance!


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