[Samba] Best upgrade path, upgrade in-place or add new DCs and demote old?

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Fri Feb 12 19:04:07 UTC 2021

I would go the number two way :-). You will have all new systems, no old
packages left. And , I think you still using the internal DNS, I would
switch to bind9 as DNS-Server.

Am 12.02.21 um 19:12 schrieb Max Olivas via samba:
> Hello,
> I have two Samba AD DCs on Ubuntu 19.04 running the stock Ubuntu Samba versions (2:4.10.0) and schema version 47.  I need to upgrade to Samba 4.11 or higher with schema version 69 and would like to know what is the 'best' path?
> 1. Upgrade in-place to Ubuntu to 20.04 (on the secondary DC first) to get Samba 2:4.11.6
> 2. Add a new Ubuntu 20.04 DC to the directory and transfer FSMO roles, demote old DCs, put DNS forwarders at the IPs for the old DCs?
> 3. Upgrade Samba using packages outside the stock Ubuntu sources to get to 4.11 or higher?
> 4. Something I haven't thought of???
> Thank you in advance!
> Thanks,
> Max

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