[Samba] Samba DNS Accounts

Bo Kersey bo at vircio.com
Thu Feb 4 18:58:36 UTC 2021

OK...  The problem is that I'm getting 
dns_tkey_gssnegotiate: TKEY is unacceptable 

and for some reason the dns- user account that controls this is being created as dns-ad01.samdom.example.com instead of dns-ad01
All of my other networks dns-hostname and they work.  This network creates the account as dns-fqdn and that is not working....

from samba_upgradedns

        # Check if dns-HOSTNAME account exists and create it if required
        secrets_msgs = ldbs.secrets.search(expression='(samAccountName=dns-%s)' % hostname, attrs=['secret'])
        msg = ldbs.sam.search(base=domaindn, scope=ldb.SCOPE_DEFAULT,
                              expression='(sAMAccountName=dns-%s)' % (hostname),

hostname is coming out as dns-ad01.samdom.example.com instead of dns-ad01

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> On 04/02/2021 18:25, Bo Kersey wrote:
>> AD01 is one of the ADDCs (and a domain member) running on Linux
> OK, I think that means it is a Samba AD DC which is possibly being used
> as a fileserver, in which case, it is possibly samba_dnsupdate that is
> creating your record. samba_dnsupdate uses a file 'dns_update_list' to
> create missing forward zone records, the first on this list is:
> A ${HOSTNAME}                                           $IP
> Without checking, I am not entirely sure where it gets ${HOSTNAME} from,
> but it is likely to be the same as the output of 'hostname -s'
> A way around this would be to remove the two incorrect records and
> create the correct record with samba-tool:
> samba-tool dns add ad01 samdom.example.com ad01 A ipv4_address_string
> Where 'ipv4_address_string' is the computers ipaddress e.g.
> You should also create the DC's reverse record.
> Rowland
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