[Samba] Fruit & uchg

Perttu Aaltonen perttu.aaltonen at mac.com
Wed Apr 28 09:51:23 UTC 2021

> On 28. Apr 2021, at 12.33, Ralph Boehme <slow at samba.org> wrote:
> Am 4/27/21 um 2:18 PM schrieb Perttu Aaltonen via samba:
>> Hello Ralph & others knowledgeable in vfs_fruit and Netatalk.
>> How does Samba and Netatalk store the “uchg” user immutable file flag
>> set in macOS? Is it stored in an extended attribute? The behaviour
>> I’m seeing is that setting this flag from either AFP or SMB side
>> isn’t reflected on the other side. Is there a way to change this
>> behaviour?
> to be honest: I have no idea. :) Looks like my knowledge here has faded
> away with time, so I'd have to refresh my memory by digesting a few traces.
> As for SMB: do you see the flag actually persisted on the server when
> you set it from the client? Ie do you get it back when querying the
> flags? I might be wrong, but iirc the client doesn't funnel those BSD
> flags over SMB(2).
> As for AFP: iirc this is mapped to a FinderInfo flag (L = locked).
> -slow

Hi Ralph,

Yes, I can see the flag persist even if I close and reopen the SMB share. But if I set the flag on SMB and read it over AFP, it isn’t there.

The file has either user.org.netatalk.Metadata or user.DOSATTRIB attribute depending from which side the copy is done, but I can’t see any change in either if I set the file as locked in the Finder.

We are moving exclusively to Samba and would like to carry the locked files over, but looks like we might just have to start over.


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