[Samba] Trouble in ssh into Windows machines in the Windows/Samba Domain

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 15:03:31 UTC 2021


the DNS, yes, that is kind of cyborg config in my network.

There are 2 DNS on because most of the computer existed
before the domain, and some of them will probably never enter it.
(there are PC to control manufacturing processes which should not be 

So, the story is, Bind gives name like : foo.borghi.lan
instead Samba DNS gives name like : foo.windom.borghi.lan
Samba DNS rolls back to Bind when it is not able to resolve something.

beta was not in the domain a few days ago so it could contain more mistakes.

linte was born as a linux domain experiment so it should be more or less ok.

If you think the problem is the DNS I can try to clean up a bit.


On 4/13/21 4:45 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> On 13/04/2021 15:25, Nicola Mingotti wrote:
>> They are both Linux debian in the WINDOM Domain.
>> output of the two programs.
>> A note, in one of the computer 'kinit' was not installed ! this seems 
>> quite strange.
> Much more importantly (and having 'kinit' is very important), your 
> clients are in the 'borghi.lan' dns domain, but your DC's appear to be 
> in the 'windom.borghi.lan' dns domain. This is NOT allowed, they all 
> need to be in the same dns domain.
> Rowland

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