[Samba] cannot use ldapsearch

Dan Egli dan at newideatest.site
Thu Apr 8 04:53:01 UTC 2021

ARG! the phantom send strikes again. Ignore that one, please. I don't 
know why that happens.

On 4/7/2021 10:50 PM, Dan Egli wrote:
> Hey all,
> I created a samba AD domain, but when I try to explore it with 
> ldapsearch I can't figure out how to pass the authentication 
> information. I see the -w option for the password, but I don't see any 
> way to pass a username short of SASL, and I don't think Samba supports 
> SASL, does it?
> If I use ldapsearch without the -w, it says that authentication is 
> required. But if I use ldapsearch -w <password>, passing the 
> Administrator password, it says authentication failed. I can only 
> guess that it's trying to authenticate with my Linux username. If I'm 
> wrong, then I guess it's understandable. But how do I use ldapsearch 
> to get into Samba's database? And what kind of

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