[Samba] Performance regression of Windows clients?

Giuseppe Lo Presti Giuseppe.LoPresti at cern.ch
Thu Oct 15 07:30:58 UTC 2020

On 13/10/2020 23:00, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 03:16:31PM +0200, Giuseppe Lo Presti via samba wrote:
>> As the mentioned thread seems to have been moved to the samba-technical
>> mailing list, was there any conclusion reached? In particular, we’re looking
>> for suggestions on possible reconfigurations (if any!) of our Windows
>> clients, as we don’t expect the Samba server can do anything to mitigate
>> this behaviour. Or in alternative, is there an alternative SMB client for
>> Windows (if it is at all possible to replace the native one)?
> There is no alternate SMB client for Windows. However,
> how are you driving the deletion of files on the Windows
> side ?
> Are you using Powershell or the file manager GUI ?

Thanks for reaching out, I also suspected there's no alternate SMB client...

We tried both the GUI, to be as close as possible to what users would 
do, and a Powershell script. Both behave the same.

For the sake of it, I just tried to use the Linux SMB client within 
WSL2: but Windows does not support mounting CIFS that way, only via 
their own native client!

> I'd guess a command line interface may do less of
> the extra calls (the ultimate is to try using
> the cygwin32 'rm -rf' command on a mounted drive,
> as that should be as close to Linux as you can
> get on Windows).

This might be possible (though some early tests I did with cygwin 
weren't that promising), but ultimately our users just use the GUI, so 
that's the concern: we wouldn't be in a position to recommend users NOT 
to use the File Explorer in their daily work.

Anyone knowing what happened at the time within samba-technical (if it 
can be disclosed)?


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