[Samba] creating and copying users

Robert Wooden wdn2420systm at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 14:19:35 UTC 2020

This topic may have been discussed many times, sorry to repeat here.

I have been trying various combinations of adding test users via ADUC. The
first three (3) added fine. Then the strange began. Many, many W10 client
re-starts throughout these process to make client capture any changes from

In one case, create the user, give him/her a password. Login from W10
client. Logout of W10 client. Return to ADUC, add profile path. Back to W10
client, login. Check creation of profile on member server path location.
Sometimes, yes and sometimes no it is not created.

In the situation where the W10 client login profile *did populate* on the
member server, I logout. Go back into ADUC and give the "home" folder
(redirected folders) a member server path. Again sometimes it populates the
member server and sometimes not.

I would prefer to learn how to do this with samba-tool. I have no problem
creating a new user via samba-tool. It is the addition of a profile path
and "user" (home?) folder path. Do you add a bash shell? And what is the
correct order of commands for "samba-tool user add"?

Essentially I would like to try to duplicate the options ADUC creates when
adding a user. (As ADUC appears to not be working properly from time to

As yet, I have not determined a definitive sequence that I *can reproduce*
to diagnose what is going wrong. Sometimes everything (profiles and
redirected folders) works and sometime one or the other or both fail.

All created users get UID (via samba-tool) and are members of a group with
a GID.

Could I get anyone to share the 'command string' you use as a starting
point for the correct order of "switches" used for *samba-tool user add*?

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