[Samba] Moving from a PDC to an DA

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Sun Nov 15 03:38:20 UTC 2020

This is not an upgrade in place and I am not finding any good guidance, 
so here I am asking on the list...

I have an old PDC that has been running since '12.  The domain is called 
Homebase, and the server is called Homebase.  The Samba software I am 
using is the ClearOS5 distro.

Now I have purchased a QNAP server and going to an AD.  I would LIKE to 
use the same server and domain name and a local FQDN of 
homebase.home.htt  (I have an internal view on my BIND DNS server, so 
setting up my own TLD is easy).

Moving the data will be easy, as it is backed up on a USB external 
drive, but I would like to migrate as much of the roaming profiles as I 
can.  Is it possible/reasonable?  Or should I just go with a clean startup?

Pointers to specific wikis and such are welcomed.


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